Scene On Campus: Hitting Hunger Where It Hurts

Juan Carlos Estremadoyro Fort, a student at St. Mary’s University, volunteers at the Annual Turkey Fry Event, which is an event the university hosts to collect toys and canned goods for people in need. Juan has volunteered at the event for 3 years by cutting the turkey served. Families and alumni of the St. Mary’s community are invited to participate in this fun and enjoyable event for an excellent cause.

Musically Passionate Student Practices Piano For Free Self-Expression


Gabriel Reyes is pursuing a double-major in Psychology and Computer Science at St. Mary’s University, and he is an amazing person with many musical talents. His most special talent is his ability to play the piano because he feels he can become a whole person when he sings and plays. Music in general is one of Gabriel’s many passions, and he encourages every music aficionado to never give up on it and continue learning.

Future English Teacher Creates New Worlds On Paper



Richard Moreno is a freshman pursuing an English major at St. Mary’s University, and his dream is to become an English teacher. He hopes to help others pursue their passions in English, and in order to achieve that dream he is constantly practicing his reading and writing skills through creative writing as well as by tutoring people who struggle with the subject.


Making a New Friend


(Troy Grohman; Media Production I classmate)

As part of an assignment for Media Production to learn how to record audio and edit it, on Friday September 2nd I interviewed my classmate Troy Grohman as a way to get to know better one of my classmates. We conducted the interview with my voice recorder in the Media Production classroom as it is the room that has the perfect conditions to conduct an interview with no interference.

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